51/AVR USBASP USBISP ISP Downloader Programmer


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51/AVR USBASP USBISP ISP Downloader Programmer


1, no need to install drivers. Plugged into a computer USB port, it will prompt the discovery of Engineering Input Devices
2, the perfect support WINXP, VISTA, WIN7 operating systems.
3, using USB port power supply, 500mA recoverable fuse, a short circuit current limit, the target board can simultaneously power with USB.
3. After the download is complete does not affect the operation of the target board.
4. Support S51 and AVR chips burn faster than parallel port ISP is faster, more stable; there is no parallel port and the best choice for notebook computers. (3.3V version can not support burning S51, S51 series 3.3V can not be downloaded).

This download is no more than 64K program restrictions !! perfect support WIN7 64 bit systems
While perfect support 32bit  WIN98, WIN ME, WIN2000, WIN 2003, WIN XP, VISTA, WIN7

Package included:

1 x 51/AVR USBASP USBISP ISP Downloader Programmer