5~6.4V Development Insect Robot Hexa Robot Kit Support Wireless & Bluetooth 4.0


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– The coordinated movement of 3 mini servos is used to move the environment, and the environment can be perceived by infrared ranging, and the brightness of the surrounding light can also be perceived.
– The center of the product is a powerful Beetle controller and expansion board, and it is programmed with simple and easy to use Arduino.
– It can advance, retreat, avoid obstacles, turn corners, patrol light and so on.
– These functions make worms walk more complex and interact more richly.
– The simple assembly allows you to understand the most basic principles of robotics and intelligent control.
– Users who like DIY can also transform their interactive mode on the basis of the original code.



– Operating voltage: 5-6.4V (4 on the  AAA battery)
– Controller: Bluno Beetle (Bootloader: Arduino UNO)
– Bluetooth wireless programming and wireless access are added.
– After assembly size: about 180x153X120mm
– Weight: about 240g

1. Assembly Manual (Bluno Beetle Version) V2:  please click here to reference.

2. Sample Code (Bluno Beetle Version): please click here to reference.

The following necessary tools may be required to complete the assembly of the product: 

  Screwdriver, needle nose pliers, scissors (not included in the product package)
Please allow 1-3CM differs due to manual measurement.
Package Included:

1 x Insect robot Hexa Robot DIY Kit 

[ 1 x Master module (Bluno Beetle microcontroller + Bluno Beetle shield) 
3 x 9g Micro Servo 
1 x GP2Y0A21 distance sensor 
1 x Sensor Bracket
2 x Two on AAA Battery Box
1 x Heat shrink tube-Black (diameter 6mm-100mm long)
3 x Steel wire  200mm x 1mm
1 x Servo connector
1 x White foam double sided glue (L / W / H: 78x61x3mm)
2 x Digital sensor line
3 x Cable tie (1.8x100mm) 
1 x High quality micro USB data Line ]