5pcs 1.8V Adapter For Iphone Or Motherboard SPI Flash SOP8 DIP8 W25 MX25 Use On Programmers



Conversion can use a few chips is 1.8 V, such as winbond w25q64, macro mx25u1635 flourishing, mx25u6435 etc to burn written in 3.3 V programmer for conversion. These chips are normally used for apple computer motherboard.
Applicable as main 1.8 V chip:
W25q10ew w25q20ew, w25q20bw w25q40ew, w25q40bw, w25q80ew, w25q80bw, w25q16dw, w25q16fw, w25q32dw, w25q32fw, w25q64dw, w25q64fw, w25f128fw

In the macro
Mx25u5121e mx25r512f, mx25u1001e mx25r1035f, mx25u2033e, mx25r2035f, mx25u4035,
Mx25u4033e mx25u4032e, mx25r4035f mx25u8035, mx25u8035e, mx25u8033e, mx25u8032e,
Mx25r8035f mx25u1635e, mx25v1635f mx25u1635f, mx25r1635f, mx25u3235e, mx25u3235f,
Mx25r3235f mx25u6473f, mx25u6435f mx25r6435f, mx25u12873f, mx25u12835f,
Mx25u25635f mx25u51245g, mx25um51245g mx66u51235f

Package included:

5 x 1.8V adapter