5Pcs 1 Channel 12V Level Trigger Optocoupler Relay Module For Arduino


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1 channel relay module, with photoelectric isolation
High or Low level changeable(by a jumper setting trigger)
The module uses genuine quality relay
With power and relay action indicator
Operating voltage: 12V
Maximum load: AC 250V / 10A, DC 30V / 10A
Size:44 x 24 x 17mm


DC+: Positive power supply (VCC)(12V)
DC-: Negative power supply (GND)
IN: The control end, the driving current should be more than 4mA
COM: The control of loop of earth wire
GND: Ground


High Level Mode: the jumper is set between com and gnd (original).
Low Level Mode: take down the jumper, connect VCC to VCC, GND to Control Terminal, IN to 5V, COM to GND.

Package included:

5 x 12V 1 channel relay module