5pcs DC 3.7-7.4V 4A 800-1000KV High Voltage Pulse Generator Super Arc Pulse Ignition Coil Module



Input parameters: 3.7-7.4V/4A input, cable length: about 10 cm (red + green -)

Output parameter: 800-1000KV / 0.5A, cabl length: about 16 cm

High voltage polarization discharge distance:1.5-2cm (don't exceed)

Size: 3.4 x 2.3 x 1.7cm

About input power: can use 3.7V lithium battery input (such as 18650 battery), 4V or 6V lead acid battery and so on. The input voltage current affects the output high voltage and the arc distance.

Usage method: red and green wire are input port; red wire is positive, green wire is negatice; other two high voltage wires are output port; input port connects with battery can generate high voltage arc.

Please operate the module strictly according to the usage method and notice, otherwise it is easy to damage the module!

This module is a high-voltage module / high-voltage generator made of components, it can be used as a high-voltage source for students' popular science experiment / electronic instrument / negative ion generator / scientific small production. The module is made of Tesla coil principle, and output high voltage pulse, small volume, high efficiency and strong discharge intensity.

Package included:

5 x High voltage pulse generator