5Pcs DC/AC To DC LM317 Power Continuous Adjustable Voltage Regulator 1.25V-37V With Protection


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Output voltage does not exceed Input voltage. This is buck board, not boost board.
Output short-circuit protection
Adjust pipe security protection
Overcurrent, overheating protection


DC input voltage: 5-35V
AC input voltage: 6-24V
Output voltage: 1.25V-37V adjustable
Output current: 1A
Ripple rejection ratio: 80dB
Typical load regulation: 0.1%
Typical linear regulation: 0.01%


Since the within LM317 is linear voltage regulator, power consumption are high. When the input voltage-different high, the output current will also be high, notice that the consumption should not be too high. In the normal condition the consumption dont over 20W. So recommend classification regulator voltage.

Package included:

5 x 1.25V-37V AC/DC to DC LM317 adjustable voltage regulator