5Pcs DC-DC 3V-35V To 4V-40V Step Up Power Module Adjustable Boost Converter Adjustable Voltage Board


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Input Voltage: DC 3V-35V
Output Voltage: DC 4V-40V (continuously adjustable)
Efficiency: 94%(MAX)
Size: L37mm*W32mm*H15mm
Working Temperature: -40-+85 degrees
Load capacity: Max 80W
The way of Connection: the connection terminal does not need to be soldered, the "IN" is the input, and the "OUT" is the output.


When the output voltage is closer to the output voltage,the carrying capacity is higher,and the efficiency is also higher.

Measurement reference table:

Input voltage Output voltage Maximum output current Power
3V 5V 1A 5W
5V 12V 1A 12W
5V 9V 1.5A 13.5W
9V 12V 2A  24W
12V 19V 1.5A 28.5W
12V 24V 1.2A 28.8W
19V 24V 2A  48W
24V 30V 2A  60W
30V 35V 2A  70W

Package included:

5 x DC-DC 3V-35V To 4V-40V Step Up Power Module