5Pcs DIY CD4060 SMD Music LED Light Kit Electronic Experimental Training Teaching


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Working principle:

Using the SMD CD4060 control 12 red, yellow and green LED flashing, adjust RP1 can change the speed of flashing, while the music chip issued a wonderful music. The kit uses SMD components and plug-in components, is ideal for practical training requirements.
The CD4060 consists of an oscillator and a 14-bit binary serial counter bit. The oscillator can be configured as an RC or crystal oscillator. When CR (pin 12) is high level, the counter is cleared. All counter bits are master-slave flip-flops.
The counter counts on the falling edge of the CP (9-11 pin) pulse in binary. Since the Schmitt trigger is used at the clock input, all inputs and outputs are buffered for unlimited pulse rise and fall times.

Note: This is a DIY kit, need to be assembly. Not supply installation manual.

Package included:

5 x SMD Music LED Light Kit

Complete assembly for reference only: