5pcs JUWEI 5V 10W 2 Switch USB Aging Discharge Loader 3 Kinds Current Test Load Power Resistor


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Rated power: 10W
Voltage: 5V

A designed according to the principle of ohm's law and through the resistor in parallel through a different switch, can produce 3 kinds of resistance of a new USB electronic load resistance discharge, when all the switch opens, is 2.2 ohm/10W, 4.7 ohm/10W, 2 kinds of resistance in parallel at the same time, in 5V voltage almost can produce 3A discharge current.  

The actual current size, please according to ohm's law: I = U/R
Resistor in parallel calculation formula: R=1/(1/R1+1/R2+…+1/Rn)
K1=4.7Ohm/10W , K2=2.2Ohm/10W

It's easy to test the output current of power bank, cellphone charger and USB power if up to standard. And it can do the aging test on power bank and USB power adapter. When it's discharge on the aging test, resistance will be hot, the temperature is about 80 – 85 ℃, please note that the anti-hot.

Not included the USB tester.

Package included:

5 x USB aging discharge loader