5Pcs PWM To Voltage Conversion Module 0-100% PWM To 0-10V Voltage


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Using single chip embedded technology;
Peak 4.5v to 10V level, jumper inserted at 5V. This level of signal mainly for conventional industrial control card (such as MACH3 board Card) 5V CPU interface;
Easy to operate, can be fine-tuned by potentiometer;
Select the PWM signal input level range through short cap;
Module is small, easy to carry and use;
Module operating voltage: DC12V-30V (power requirements: greater than 100mA);
PWM signal reception frequency range: 1KHz-3KHz;
Peak 12 to 24V level, jumper inserted in the 24V. This level of signal is mainly aimed at the conventional PLC interface;
Conversion range: 0% -100% PWM to 0-10v voltage;
Allowable error: 5%;
Pin Definition:
VCC: working power 12-30V
GND: ground
PWM: input PWM signal positive
GND: input voltage ground
VOUT: Output voltage: 0-10V
GND: output ground

Package included:

5 x PWM To Voltage Conversion Module 0-100% PWM To 0-10V Voltage