5Pcs STM8 STM32 Emulator Simulator Programmer Downloader For ST-LINK V2 With 4Pin Cable


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– Small size, complete function
– Support to upgrade, support STM8 (SWIM interface), STM32 (SWD interface) full range of MCU
– Dual channel power supply output: 3.3/5V
– Onboard 500mA self recovery fuse, output series connected diodes to provide short circuit protection
– With 4PIN connection cable

Support the development environment and software tools:

– STVD V4.2 or later version
– STVD V3.2 or later version
– IAR-EWSTM8 V1.3 or later version

– KEIL MDK V4.2 or later version
– IAR-EWARM V6.2 or later version
– Atollic TrueStudio V2.1 or later version

Package included:

5 x Programmer