5pcs TES1-12704 30x30x3.2mm 12V 4A Thermoelectric Cooler Semiconductor Refrigeration



Can be used in refrigerator, Portable cooling car box, Liquid Cooling,Temperature stabilizer etc.
Chip model: TES1-12704
Dimension: 30 x 30 x 3.2mm
Component couples: 127
Wire specification: lead length 70±5mm, single head 5mm tin plating, RV standard wire
Internal resistance: 2.5~3.5 Ohm (ambient temperature 23±1℃, 1kHZ Ac test)
Maximum temperature: Tmax (Qc=0) ≥65℃
Working current: Imax=4A (when the rated voltage is started)
Rated voltage: DC 12V, Umax: 15.2V
Cooling power: Qcmax 36W
Assembly pressure: 85N/cm2
Material: Ceramics
Cable length: 20cm
Color: White
Working environment: temperature range from -55℃ to 83℃ (high ambient temperature drop directly affects refrigeration efficiency)
Encapsulation process: Standard 704 silicone rubber seal
Packaging standard: foam box packing
Storage conditions: -40℃~60℃

Package included:

5 x TES1-12704 thermoelectric cooler