5pcs XD-M131 DC 12V Photosensitive Resistor Module Light Control Switch Photosensitive Relay Module


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Product model: XD-M131

Product Name: photosensitive relay module

Operating voltage: 12V

Output mode: one channel relay

Overall size: 52 x 31 x 31mm


1. This product is mainly used for light detection, brightness detection and control and other occasions, through the potentiometer can be adjusted to detect brightness threshold. With the relay, it can do a variety of brightness detection switch, you can control a variety of street lights, to achieve automatic opening at night, automatically extinguished during the day.

2. Module uses 12V power supply with reverse connection protection function, the reverse power supply will not damage the module.

3. Normally open interface maximum load capacity: 0V-125V/20A AC, DC 0V-14V/20A; the output module has three ports: public terminal (COM), normally open (CK) and normally closed (CB), the three port is equivalent to a double control switch, the relay coil is energized, the public often end with the beginning of. Without electricity, when the public end and the normally closed end of the pass; COM end by loading the cathode of a power supply, often start power cathode.

4. The sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer, and the starting relay threshold is set by adjusting the potentiometer. When the light is below the threshold, the module relay is pulled in, and when the threshold is light, the relay is disconnected.

5.The module has been upgraded again, has solved the critical bounce phenomenon, and improved the relay control range, 12V-220V can be controlled.

6. This module can be used for light detection, brightness detection, with power indicator light (red) and relay indicator (blue), and with four M3 screw mounting holes, which is convenient to install, the board can adjust the sensitivity of the potentiometer, with relay, to do a variety of brightness detection control switch can be used, such as street lighting etc. during the day, night to open automatically, automatically extinguished, and other automation equipment.

Package included:

5 x Photosensitive resistor module
5 x Probe cable