5V 2A Wireless Charging Charger Module Power Supply Coil For Cell Phone


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This product is for the current wireless charging various series of small electronic products,
and power development and design is made with a small size, extremely easy to use,
high efficiency, low cost features primarily for mobile electronics products such as: 
cell phones, game machine, fish tank, MP3, MP4, adult products, digital cameras, electric shavers,
machine learning, medical supplies and other products of underwater applications;
As a result of non-contact charging power supply, make the product completely sealed,
waterproof and dustproof, increase the life of the product and easier to use.
Module main parameters:
Input voltage: 9 -12V
Maximum load current: 1.1A
The max output voltage and current of receive: 5V / 2A, 12V / 700mA
Transmitting coil size: diameter 43mm, thickness 2.3mm
Transmitter module size: 18mmx8.5mmx15mm
Receiving coil size: diameter 43mm, thickness 1.2mm
Receiver Module size: 10mmx25mmx3mm
Receive the best distance: 3 – 6mm

Package included:

1 x Transmitter
1 x Receiver