6000pcs 100 Value 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor KIT0155 Assortment Box Kit 60pcs Each Value



Power: 1/4W
Capacitor range: 1Ω~10MΩ
Max. working voltage: 250V
Max. overload voltage: 500V
Capacitor tolerance: ±5%
Size of capacitor: 6 x 2mm/0.23 x 0.07inch (L x W)
Quantity: 6000pcs (100 values, 60pcs each value)


Durable and easy to install
Very convenient and practical
High precision and stability
Many type of metal film resistors assorted,can meet your different demand.

Package included:

6000 x Carbon film resistor

Here is the description of a pack of resistance(2000pcs) for reference, 3 packs in all, total 6000pcs.