6J1 Pre-amp Tube Preamplifier Amplifier Stereo AC12V DIY Kit


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Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assemble it, no instruction supply.


Model: 6j1 Tube (replaceable models 6AK5, 6AU6, 5654, etc.) 
Channel type: 2.0 / Stereo
Operating voltage: AC12V 0.8A or above
Power interface: 5.5 * 2.5 plug
Board size: 77 x 75 x 57MM (WDH)
Machine weight: 87 grams (with copper pillar)
Gall level, gall bladder buffer function: Add between on the digital audio source such as CD / VCD / DVD / MP3 / IPHONE / ipad / MID / mobile phone and other digital audio and power amplifier / subwoofer / active speakers.


1. AC 12V input: use DC5.5*2.1 socket, ac 12V transformer, and if you want to use AC 12V transformer with no plug, you need to weld the power cord to the circuit board. Remember: do not use dc power input, otherwise do not work!
2. Audio input: for the input of audio signal, it can be connected to the mobile phone, computer, MP3, MP4, and other music players.
3. Audio channel output: for the output of audio signal, it can connect to the audio signal input terminal of the amplifier.
4. Power switch/volume knob: turn the knob counterclockwise just started to reduce the volume, when the volume is turned to the minimum, if you continue to rotate until "tick", then the power is off, the light goes out; in the off state, turn the knob clockwise and hear a "tick", the indicator lights, indicating that the power has been turned on, now the volume is the smallest, then continue to rotate clockwise is to increase the volume.
Package includes:
1 x PCB board
1 x 2W 2.2 ohm metal film resistor
6 x 1N4007
6 x 4.7K resistor
2 x 1K resistor
4 x 47 ohm
2 x 2.2K resistor
2 x 470K
2 x 100K
2 x 200 ohm
9 x 50V 470UF
4 x 50V 1UF monolithic capacitor
2 x D667
2 x B647
1 x 50K double potentiometer with switch
2 x 3MM blue LED
1 x DC005 seat
2 x Tube seat
2 x 6J1 tube
2 x RCA lotus seat
4 x 10MM pillars + screws
1 x Potentiometer cap
1 x Shell with screws kit

Test, for reference only: