7-40V 3A Multifunction Vehicle 4 USB Interface Car Charger 36/24/12/9V To 5V 3A Buck Module


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The previous version of the four USB, all in parallel, sharing five security, this time each dual-layer USB share a 5V 3A chip, double insurance program, two dual-layer USB independent power supply, each 3A, the total current of 6A.

Professional can also be modified for the double adjustable, that is, two dual-layer USB can be different voltage, such as the left side of the supply voltage to the plate, the voltage can be transferred to 5.3V, but the right to power to the electronic dog, the voltage only 5.08V.

The output voltage between 5.08-5.18V, which is similar to the power on the market, you can compensate for the loss of data lines.

USB voltage range is 4.75V-5.25V, do not go beyond, so as not to damage, flat according to your request to adjust the voltage, this is more difficult to say, the general plate is 5.2-5.3V.

Colour: Green
Material: Metal
Size: 47 x 37 x 18mm

Car 36/24/12/9V to 5V 3A, mobile phones, navigation and other power supply 4 usb charge.

Input voltage range of 7-40V, in this range, the output voltage stability.

This is a new component, not a split parts, new components, dual-core drive.

Performance to further improve, more secure.

Using synchronous rectification technology; 3A output current; Integrated power MOSFET switch; 95% efficiency; Programmable soft start; Stable low ESR output; Cycle-by-cycle over-current protection; Fixed frequency 340Khz; Input under-voltage lockout; System protection over current Limit; Over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown.

Although you can not see a large radiator, but the two-tier USB and PCB are all copper, is a good radiator yet. Because each IC is only responsible for 3A, is quite low power consumption, calorific value within the normal.

The input is added with a diode, and the reverse will not burn. If the electricity is found, the switch will turn on the electricity. But do not receive the output.

Wiring method: the positive voltage of the voltage from 7 to 38V is connected to the input, the negative voltage is connected to the negative electrode of the next icon, and the four USB will have a stable 5V voltage, so you can use your phone data line to USB. The output is convenient for those without USB line, only for professional use, do not understand the interface without understanding.

Package incluede:

1 x 4 USB interface car charger