8 Channel Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional Module 5V to 3.3V For Raspberry Pi / Arduino



Logic Level converter makes it possible to connect 3.3V (or even lower voltage sensors) to 5V micro controllers like the Raspberry Pi.
With this module you can easily connect different logic voltage levels together for bi-directional communication on up to 8 channels, allowing you to use low-voltage sensors with a 5V micro-controller.

8 bidirectional channels

Easily connect 3.3V sensors and devices to 5V microcontrollers
Pass-through GND connection
Conversion electrical level range: 1.8V-6V


(Take 3.3V, 5V conversion for example )
VCCA connects to Raspberry Pi 3.3V power supply
VCCB connects to 5V power supply(It can be external 5V power supply )
GND connects to negative pole, two power supplies common-grounded
Ax inputs Raspberry Pi 3.3V TTL level, Bx outputs 5V sensor module TTL  level
Bx inputs 5V electronic module TTL level, Ax outputs Raspberry Pi 3.3V TTL level

Package Included:

1x Logic Level converter