80W 12V Semi Flexible Waterproof Solar Panels With 1.5m Cable



-Light weight, easy to carry.
-High conversion rate, high output.
-Can be used for car ,home, boat, motorcycle, etc.
-Suitable for car batteries, car, RV, boat, ship, aircraft, satellites, space stations, outdoor breeding, planting, tourism, solar street lamp.
-Can resist different environment, waterproof performance is good.
-Components can withstand snow pressure up to 5400Pa, to withstand wind pressure up to 2400Pa.
-Semi-flexible, and can be properly bent to use a wider range of applications.


Color: Black
Size: Approx. 880x540x2mm/18.3"x11"x0.098"
Power: 80W
Working voltage: 12V
IPmax: 4.4A
Isc: 4.8A
Voc: 20V
Operating Temperature: -40℃-85 ℃
Weight: 2023g

Package Included:

1x 80W 12V Solar Panels