AC 100-240V High Power Music Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker With Adapter


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Small size, high power
High efficiency, low energy consumption
Clear sound, sound loud(This is not a power amplifier, do not expect too much value)
No need to ground, plug and play
Volume: 0mmx60mmx135mm(LxWxH) (not including discharge electrode)
Power, power consumption: DC24V, 1800mA
Power adapter voltage input: AC100-240V / 1.0A / 50-60Hz
1. Please Install the discharge electrode pin before powering on.
2. When product work, do not touch the electrode directly by hand, will burn the skin.
Do not use the conductor to touch the coil secondary, will pull the arc damage the coil.
3. During coil work, it will produce serious interference to the surrounding electronic products,
please strictly observe the environmental requirements and to adapt crowd.
4. Do not use coils in flammable and explosive atmospheres.
5. The seller is not responsible for any loss other than the product itself.

Package included:

1 x High Power Music Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker
1 x Adapter
1 x 3.5mm Audio cable