AC-DC 220V To 12V 0.5A Power Supply Module Bare Board


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Input voltage: AC 85-264V or DC 110-370V
Frequency range: 47-63Hz
Input current: 0.5/115VAV, 0.25/230VAC
Inrush current: 10A/230VAC(Cold start)
Conversion efficiency: 78%
Standby power consumption: ≤100mW/220VAC
Output voltage: 12V (±1%)
Rated current: 0.5A
Rated power: 6W
Ripple: ≤100mV
Switching frequency: 20-65KHz
Operating temperature: -30-70℃
Working humidity: 20-90%, Non-condensing
Package included:
1 x AC-DC 220V To 12V 0.5A Power Supply Module