AC-DC Inverter 100-240V To 36V 5A 180W Switching Power Adapter Converter Module


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Small size, high power, suitable for industrial electrical power supply,
but also for small space and the need for high-power equipment power supply.


With short circuit protection.
With over-voltage protection.
With over-current protection.


Name: AC-DC Inverter Converter Module
Model: WX-DC2416
Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Output voltage: DC 36V
Output current: 5-6.5A (Without any Voltage drop)
Rated power: 180W (Max 220W)
Ripple noise: ≤150MV
Board size: 11.5 x 6.5cm
Positioning hole size: 10.58 x 5.57cm

Package included:

1 x AC-DC Inverter Converter Module