AC220V Real Time Relay Time Switch Timing Module High Precision Clock Board Time Control


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Product parameter introduction:
1: The real-time timer relay YYT-3 clock chip adopts high precision clock DS3231, the stability and precision are not comparable to the vast majority of the ds1302 on the market.
2: Operating voltage: AC 110V~250V
3: Output capability: can control DC within 30v5A or within 220v5A devices.
4: Quiescent Current: 20mA, Operating Current: 50mA
5: Output optocoupler isolation, enhanced power consumption of anti-jamming capability, industrial grade circuit board, set function and time all have memory forever after power off.
6: Board size: 65.79×40.51mm

The relay output is a passive contact and has no live output, to control the on-off of a line.
Instructions for use:
Mode selection: After power on, press and hold the K1 button for 2 seconds. Short press K1 to enter selection mode P1~4 to select. K2 enters the mode.(The user can freely set the desired function mode, there is a power-off memory function, set once does not need to repeat the setting)
P-1: What time does the day start and when does the job stop
(e.g. control the light bulbs to light up automatically at 17 o'clock every night and automatically go out at 6:10)
P-2: Set two 1 second switch (pulse) signals every day
(e.g. The control device button is automatically to pressed and turned on at 6 o'clock per day, and automatically to pressed and shut off at 18 o'clock)
P-3: Which month and which day start and when are stopped
(e.g. control equipment starts on November 16th and closes on May 16th next year, often used for dunning payments)
P-4: Set real time Month: Days; Hours: Minutes
In the standby mode: P-1 and P-2 modes display real-time time (hours: minutes), P-3 display real-time months (months: days)
Setting time description:
K2: SHIFT key: Press to adjust the flashing position of the digital tube. Which digital tube flashes, K3 adjusts the value of the flashing digital tube. Until you press K2, the digital tube no longer blinks.
K3: When the digital tube flashes, K3 adjusts the digital change.
Note: Press K2 four times for one cycle, The first two adjust the open time and the last two adjust the stop time.
When P-4 sets the real-time time, press K2 twice firstly to set the month: days; after the two presses settings: hours: minutes.
Turn off the digital tube display instructions:
Press and hold K3 for 3 seconds in standby mode to turn off or turn on the digital tube to switch low power mode.

Package included:

1 x AC220V Real Time Relay Time Switch Timing Module