AD831 Module Low Distortion Active Mixer 500M Bandwidth Support Up And Down Mixing


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Product application:

AD831By mixer,limiting amplifier Low noise output amplifier and bias circuit.,Mainly used HF and VHF Frequency conversion of radio frequency to intermediate frequency in receiver.AD831Double differential analog multiplier mixer circuit,Have+ 24dBmThree order crossing point,And the three order intermodulation distortion, At the same time+10dBmThe1dBCompression point,Linear dynamic range,Its local oscillator input signal only needs- 10dBm. Compared to mixer without amplifier.,It not only eliminates the need for large power local oscillator drive,And avoid the large power of the vibration caused by the mask, Isolation and other issues,Thus greatly reducing the cost of the systemAD831;Both the local oscillator and the RF input frequency can be achieved.500MHz,If there are two kinds of intermediate frequency output differential current output and single ended voltage output,In the use of differential current output,Output frequency up to250MHz;When the single ended voltage output is used,Output frequency is greater than200MHz.AD831The dual power supply can be used with a single power supply, Dual power supply all the ports can be used for DC coupling,Thus, the power consumption of the power supply can be controlled by the peripheral circuit according to the needs of the users.Shielded enclosure Anti back protection diode.

Technical indicators

1. Power supply voltage:+-5VDirect(Typical current value100mA)
2. Radio frequency/Local oscillator frequency:DC-500MHZ, input and output impedance: 50Ohm;
Output signal range:DC-200MHZBecause the single port output is used, the output of the single port is adopted.500MHZ);

3. Linear dynamic range,Its local oscillator input signal only needs- 10dBm

Application areas:

Mixer on radio, Poor communication, TV etc. is widely used type equipment and frequency synthesis equipment, It is used to carry out the signal frequency conversion and can maintain the modulation properties of the circuit components,Its performance has an important role to the whole system.AD831yesADLow distortion of the company's production , Monolithic active mixer with wide dynamic range,Its input and output is varied,Flexible and convenient to use.

Part of the frequency spectrum:

chartFive point one:AD831-Lo100Mradio frequency5M

chartFive point two:AD831-Lo100Mradio frequency20M

chartFive point three:AD831-Lo200Mradio frequency5M

Package included:

1 x AD831 Module Low Distortion Active Mixer