AD8317 Radio Frequency Logarithmic Detector Power Meter 1M-10000MHz


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Product usage:
The product is designed by using AD8317 chip of ADI company, and is used for RF signal power detection,Detection frequency range 1M—10GHz, can detect power in -55dBm to -0dBm of an RF signal, so that the RF signal is converted to DC voltage output. The greater the amplitude or power of the RF signal, the higher the output voltage, and the output voltage is directly proportional to the logarithm of the input signal amplitude, thus expanding the dynamic range of the detected signal, which ranges from 55dB.
It can be widely used in radio frequency signal detection, signal power measurement, environmental field strength detection,It can also be used as part of automatic gain control and automatic level control.
Technical indicators:

Operating frequency: 1M-10000MHz
Measuring power: -55dBm to -0dBm
Output voltage: 0.33-1.65V
Detection slope: -22mV/dBm (typical)
Input impedance: 50ohm
Supply voltage: 7-15V
Detector typical response curve:

Package included:

1 x AD8317 Radio Frequency Logarithmic Detector Power Meter 1M-10000MHz