ADF4002 RF Module PLL VCO 400MHZ Phase Detector Frequency Synthesizer With ADI Control Board


The ADF4002 frequency synthesizer is used to implement local oscillators in the up-conversion and down-conversion sections of wireless receivers and transmitters. It consists of a low noise digital phase frequency detector (PFD), a precision charge pump, a programmable reference divider and a programmable N divider. The 14-bit reference divider (R divider) allows the REFIN frequency at the PFD input to be selectable.
If the frequency synthesizer is used with an external loop filter and a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a complete phase-locked loop (PLL) can be implemented. In addition, if R and N are programmed to 1, the device can be used as a standalone PFD and charge pump.
The ADF4002-EP supports defense and aerospace applications (AQEC standard). Shielding shell and anti-reverse protection diode.
1, bandwidth: 400 MHz
2, 2.7V to 3.3V power supply
3, a separate charge pump power supply (VP) in the 3 V system provides an extended tuning voltage
4, programmable charge pump current
5, three-wire serial interface
6, analog and digital lock detection
7, hardware and software shutdown mode
8, 104 MHz phase detector
Package included:
1 x ADF4002 RF Module With ADI Control Board