Aluminum Heat Sink Cooling Fan For LattePanda Matching Acrylic Case


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Is your LattePanda running hot and throttling?

This heat sink and fan combo will cool the CPU for smooth performance.

The fan keeps the unit running at a stable temperature. The 2-Pin jumper wire makes it easily to connect with the CN2 headers on the board.

This fan is low noise and has a thermal pad on the back that can stick on the metal shield on the board. With its aluminum casing, heat from CPU will be absorbed fast, giving you better performance. This is a simple and effective way to make the LattePanda cool!


Operating Voltage: 5v
Operating Current: 0.14A
Rated Speed: 6500 RPM
Interface Type: 2.54mm 2-Pin DuPont Female Connector
Dimension: 34.5 * 34.5 * 7.2 mm/1.36 * 1.36 * 0.28 inches


Please pay attention to wire polarities
Red -> 5V
Black -> GND

Package included:
1 x Cooling Fan