Aluminum Protective Enclosure Shell Case With Screw For Raspberry Pi


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1.Screw hole position =raspberry pie ze ro w main board hole position,with screw M2.5X3.
2.The top opening has a circular hole and a square hole, which can be opened manually according to the requirements. There is a row of LED state windows that can be used to view the state of the board.
3.The side opens with a camera line opening to facilitate the connection of the camera.
4.The other side is provided with TF Card window, easy to plug the TF Card.
5.There is a HDMI+OTG+USB power supply opening on the front, easy to use.

– For raspberry pie ze ro w
– Material: Aluminum
– Type: Case Cover for Raspberry Pi 
ze ro w

*The package is not included 
raspberry pie ze ro

Package Includes:
1 x Aluminum Enclosure Shell Case Cover