APP Control Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board 4.2 Bluetooth Amplifier Board With Shell


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1. Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 module
2. Mobile APP remote control
3. Radio + U disk / TF card
4. USB sound card
Sound card function to use:
1. Using the sound card cable connect the computer's USB jack.
2. Switch the Bluetooth board to the sound card mode.
3. Insert the computer USB jack without additional power supply.
4. Sound card mode output sound better than the computer.


Supporting play format: MP3,  WMA, WAV, FLAC 
Power supply: 5V DC (mobile phone charger can power with small USB plug)

Support a variety of Bluetooth audio equipment connected to play
Support the phone APP control various modes, and read the Bluetooth mode U disk folder
Mobile phone APP free on-demand U disk song and radio FM control
App download:
Iphone can search 'BTMate' to download.

Package included:

1 x APP Control Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board With Shell