B3603 CNC DC-DC Digital Step Down Buck Module Constant Voltage Current


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B3603 CNC DC-DC Digital Step Down Buck Module Constant Voltage Current


B3603 DC-DC CNC buck module is a fully digital display buck module, small size, high power, high efficiency, stable.
Joined the high-speed micro-controller precision measurement and calculation, the output voltage and current value can be precisely regulated, built-in 10 groups memory locations, can be stored at any time, call up the parameters, easy to use.
With four digit eight segment LED digital tube, you can display the voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters in real time. Meanwhile, the module has an automatic output after power on and auto rotate display parameters function, etc., can be turned on or off according to need of use.


Module type: Non-isolated Buck
Input voltage: 6-40V (input voltage must 1.5V or more higher than output voltage)
Output voltage: 0-36V
Output current: 0-3A (maximum current is 3A, stable working current is 2A, continuous long high power working need to strengthen cooling)
Voltage regulator / display resolution: 0.01V
Power Display minimum resolution: 0.001W
Switching frequency: 150KHZ
Short circuit protection: Constant
Operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 85 ° C
Control: Digital Control + Digital Display
Conversion efficiency: 92%
Current Regulation / Display Resolution: 0.001A
Capacity Display minimum resolution: 0.001AH
Output ripple: <= 50mv
Weight: 43g

Display description:

00.00: voltage value, 00.00 ~ 36.00V
0.000: current value, 0.000 ~ 3.000A
P.000, P0.00, P00.0, P000: power value, unit W, decimal point position changes with the power position changes. For example: P.123 means 0.123W, P1.23 means 1.23W, P12.3 means 12.3W, P102 means 102W.
C.000, C0.00, C00.0, C000: capacity value, unit AH, decimal point position is changed with the change of the capacity. For example: C.123 means 0.123AH, C1.23 means 1.23AH, C12.3 means 12.3AH, C123 means 123AH.
–0–, –1–, –2-: Special features 0, 1, 2
–y-: Open the special features
–n-: Close the special function
SA.- * (* means 0 to 9): Save the parameters to the storage location of 0 to 9 in any one storage location
Lo.- * (* means 0 to 9): Recall stored locations 0-9 arbitrary set of parameters


Connect the input and output correctly, ensure that the input voltage is within the required range, the reverse is strictly prohibited, if you are afraid of reversed damage you can concatenated more than 3A diode.

How to set the voltage and current values:

1. Boot default display is Voltage Set Value. Voltage value display as "00.00", unit is "V". Press the "SET" button to switch to the Current Set Value, the current value display format is "0.00", the unit is "A", press button to increase the set value, press the button to decrease the value, short press accurately set, long press can quickly set.
2. After the setting is completed press "OK" button to output.
3. Under the output state when display the voltage value press the button can increase the output voltage, pressing the button can reduced the output voltage. Press the button to increase the Current Setting Value when the current value is displayed, press the button can reduced current setting, short press accurately setting, long press can quickly setting. Under the output state short press "OK" button to switch display voltage and current value, long press "OK" button for 3 seconds to auto rotate display, long press again to cancel the rotate display. In the rotate display, press keys is invalid.
4. Under the output state, press the "SET" button to turn off the output.
Above are a simple model of the module, which is the default mode, you can see it is very simple and easy to use, if you want to save the recall stored values​​, or see the power, capacity and other parameters in the state of the output, you need to conversion to full-function mode.

Manual download: Click here to enter.

Package included:

1 x B3603 CNC DC-DC Buck Module