Black ABS Case Enclosure Box With Cooling Fan + Heat Sink Kit For Raspberry Pi 3 Model B


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1. Tested on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
2. The entire case molded from ABS material
3. Structure is divided upper case and lower case, with six screws (upper and lower cases connected to four long screws, flat head screws that secure the fan 2), plus four non-slip wear pads.
4. By airplane box design wall hole, can be arbitrarily fixed wall, smooth surface fine, buckle bit slot design perfection.


Color: Black
Special design to install a cooling fan (size: 3x3cm)
Cooling fan: DC 5V 0. 2A
Heat sink: 12x13x5.4mm,15x15x1mm

Notes: The RPI board is not included.

Package Included:

1x Enclouse case
1x Cooling fan
3x Heat sink
Some screws