Black ABS Case Enclosure Box With Mini Cooling Fan And Heat Sink Kit For Raspberry Pi 3B


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Black ABS Case Enclosure Box With Mini Cooling Fan And Heatsink Kit For Raspberry Pi 3B


Black ABS Case:
– This Case come without nuts, can be assembled easily.Just plug and use!
– This Case is  made for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and B+ as well. Please kindly note that you can't see the light from outside for
    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and B+.

Heatsink Kit:

– This Heatsink Kit include 2 Aluminum heatsink for CPU and LAN IC Topside and 1 Copper heatsink for DDR IC Bottom side.
– All these heatsinks are special design to suitable for each IC Chip.

Mini Cooling Fan:
– This Cooling fan can plug and use
– Rated voltage: DC5V
– Working voltage :3.0 – 5 .8 V
– Current: 0.16A
– CFM: 1.93-2.1
– Rpm: 5000-8000RPM

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B main board is not included, you can purchase it from:
Package included:

1 × Black ABS Case
1 × Green Aluminum Heatsink (14*14*8mm)
1 × Black Aluminum Heatsink (8.8*8.8*5mm)
1 × Copper Heatsink (12*12*1mm)
1 × Cooling Fan (30*30*7mm)