Bluetooth HC-06 MPU6050 6-Axis High Gyroscope Accelerometer Sensor Module For Arduino


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1. High-precision. The internal integration of the attitude solver, with dynamic Kalman filter algorithm, the current posture can accurately output modules in a dynamic environment, attitude measurement accuracy of 0.01 degrees, high stability
2. The wireless motion measurement. This module is a module with serial MPU6050 HC-06 Bluetooth serial module, wireless measurement triaxial accelerometer, triaxial angular velocity, three-axis angle, the data output to the serial form.
3. The interface is simple. Using a standard serial data output with full PC and the microcontroller sample program ends.
4. Flexible power supply. Comes with voltage stabilization circuit, it can be compatible with 3.3V / 5V embedded system for easy connection.
5. The ultra-small size.
6. After connecting the PC, you can see the data in real-time curve measured by the PC software, so the data can be recorded as a text file and import it into Matlab for analysis.


1.Voltage: 3V ~ 6V
2.Current: <10mA
3.Size: 25mm X 25mm X 3mm
4.Bluetooth standard: 2.0 (4.0 compatible) transmission distance of 10 meters
5.Measuring dimensions: Acceleration: 3-dimensional ;angular velocity: 3-dimensional;attitude angle: 3-dimensional
6.Range: Acceleration: ± 16g, angular velocity: ± 2000°/ s
7.Resolution: Acceleration: 6.1e-5g, the angular velocity: 7.6e-3°/ s
8.Stability: Acceleration: 0.001 g of, the angular speed 0.02°/ s
9.Stable attitude measurement: 0.01°
10.Data output frequency: 100Hz (Baud rate 115200) / 20Hz (9600 baud).
11.Data interface: Serial (TTL level), Bluetooth.
10.Baud Rate: 115200kps / 9600kps

Package Included:

1 x Bluetooth HC-06 MPU6050 6 Axis Module