CBB60 Washing Machine Capacitor 250V AC SH PO 16 uF Start Running Capacitor


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Ambient temperature: -25℃ ~ + 70℃
Capacitance range: 16uf
Rated voltage: 250 V AC 50/60HZ
Capacity: precision: J: ±5% K: ±10%
Insulation resistance: T-T≥3000MΩUf(20℃, 100VDC)
Tg loss tangent value: tgδ≤0.002(100HZ,20℃)
Withstand voltage: 2.0Un 3S


Height: 6.5cm
Cable length: 12.5cm


-Air conditioning
-Washing machine
-Electric fan


No sense of detention type winding metallized polypropylene film structure
The plastic round shell, plastic seal or resin encapsulation seal
Small volume, light weight, low loss, excellent self-healing property
Applicable to the frequency of 50 hz, 60 hz single-phase motor start and running
Suitable for micro motor, water pump, fan, single-phase motor, etc


Pls confirm the size of the capacitor before you bid.
Package included:

1 x Capacitor