CJMCU-23 Optical Frequency Converter TSL230 Light Current Frequency Value Module


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CJMCU-23 has a conversion frequency error of ±20%, a sensitive wavelength of 300 to 700 nm, a spectral response range of 320 to 1050 nm, and a use temperature range of 5 to 70°C. It can directly convert visible light to frequency, especially for frequency counters, pulse accumulators and high-speed timers.
High-resolution illuminance/frequency conversion without external components
Sensitivity and full-scale output frequency programmable
Can communicate directly with the microprocessor
Single-supply operation, operating voltage range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V, with power down memery function
Absolute output frequency tolerance: ±20%
Non-linearity error: 0.2% at 100kHz
Stable 150 ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient
Package includes:
1 x CJMCU-23 Optical Frequency Converter