CJMCU-8128 CCS811+SI7021+BMP280 Carbon Dioxide CO2 VOCs Temperature Humidity Gas Pressure Sensor


CJMCU-8128 CCS811+HDC1080(SI7021) +BMP280
Carbon Dioxide CO2 VOCs temperature humidity gas pressure sensor
Three in one sensor
Module size: 15mm*21mm
Power supply: 3.3V
CJMCU-8128 a gas sensor chip system chip (SSoC) + temperature and humidity sensor, using low-power sensing technology to detect indoor volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
From CCS811 CJMCU8118 board schematic structure of the figure we can see that this is not a simple sensor, it has integrated MCU, the sensor has an onboard processing capability, without host intervention, can provide the equivalent level of carbon dioxide or total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) index. At the same time, with the use of separate gas sensors and MCU solutions, CCS811 can save equipment inventory costs as well as up to 60% of the total area of the board.
HDC1080 low power consumption, high precision digital humidity sensor with temperature sensor
DC1080 is a digital temperature sensor with integrated temperature sensor, which can provide excellent measurement accuracy with ultra-low power consumption. HDC1080 supports a wide range of operating power supply voltage, and compared to competitive solutions, the device can provide a wide range of common applications with low cost and low power consumption advantages. Humidity and temperature sensors are factory calibrated.
The relative humidity is 2% (typical)
Temperature accuracy of + 0.2 C (typical)
Excellent stability under high humidity
14 bit resolution
Sleep mode current is 100nA
BMP280 is an absolute pressure sensor designed specifically for mobile applications. The sensor module is housed in a very compact package. Its small size and low power consumption allow the implementation of such devices in battery powered mobile phones, GPS modules or watches.
BMP280 is based on BOSCH's proven piezoresistive pressure sensor technology with high accuracy, linearity and long-term stability and robustness of electromagnetic compatibility. Many device operating options offer the highest flexibility, optimized power dissipation, resolution and filter performance. A test example is used in the case that the default setting is for developers in order to make the design as simple as possible.
GPS enhanced navigation (e.g. time pre improvement, dead reckoning, slope detection)
Indoor navigation (ground detection, elevator detection)
Outdoor navigation, leisure and sports applications
Weather forecast
Application of health care (e.g. spirometry)
Vertical speed indicator (e.g. rising or sinking speed)
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Package included:
1 x CJMCU-8128 CCS811+SI7021+BMP280 Carbon Dioxide CO2 VOCs Temperature Humidity Gas Pressure Sensor