Colorful Acrylic Layer Case Box With Cooling Fan For Raspberry Pi 2/ B+


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-Colorful protective box case with cooling fan for Raspberry Pi 2/ B+.
-To protect your Raspberry Pi 2/ B+ against damages, dust and scratches.
-Easy access to all ports and slots.
-It comes as 9 individual layers and simply stacks, need to assemble by yourself.
-It is held together with 4 nylon bolts. It requires no tools for easy assembly and disassembly.
-Through the case, all status are visible.


-Acrylic material is fragile, please be carefully when assemble the case.
-The cooling fan is DC 5V 0.2A.
-Accessories only, the device is not included.
-For Raspberry Pi 2/ B+ only, can't work with other model.

Package Included:

1x Colorful Acrylic Case Box Shell Enclosure For Raspberry Pi 2/ B+.
1x Cooling Fan.