Copper Foil Tape 4 Inch / 10cm X 10ft / 3 Meter 1 Roll Conductive Self Adhesive Shielding


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– For electromagnetic radiation interference has better shielding effect, for the ground electrostatic discharge has a good performance.
– Strong adhesion, good electrical conductivity, can be easily wrapped around the wire.
– Repeated use of multiple bending are not prone to cracks and damage.
– Conductive effect, for electrical products, enhance mobile phone GPS signal, shielding radiation, to eliminate electromagnetic interference EMI,
   isolated electromagnetic waves on the human body.
– Can be used for soldering, instead of enameled wire, various types of transformer shielding effect.
– Mainly used in computer peripheral wire, computer monitors and transformers.


Material: CU
Colloid composition: Conductive adhesive (heat-sensitive acrylic glue)
Color: Gold
Length: 3m/118"
Width: 10cm/3.93"
Adhesion: 1.5 ~ 1.3kg / 25mm
Temperature resistance -10 ℃ — 120 ℃
Intensity of 4.5 ~ 4.8kg / mm
Elongation of 7-7% to 3-4%
Weight: 138g

Package included:

1 x 3m Copper Foil