D2-6 DIY 51 MCU Smart Car Kit Bluetooth Remote Control Gravity Sensing Tracing Obstacle Avoidance


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D2-6 type bluetooth car kit is the latest version of D2 series kit, single-chip microcomputer as the core, through program control achieves tracking, obstacle avoidance, Bluetooth mobile phone control, gravity induction control functions.
The car with the serial interface, through the connecting the Bluetooth module to achieve wireless remote control function.
Compared to the previous D2 series car can only control forward, D2-6 added more features, not only can achieve forward, but also can be achieve fall back.
Lithium batteries, rechargeable, reduce the cost of use. (You need to prepare your own battery, this kit has no battery)


The microcontrollers in the kit are pre-programmed, and you only need to install them to work. If you need to learn microcontroller programming or re-download the program, please use your own downloader, we do not provide tutorials.
It is assumed that users have soldering skills and troubleshooting skills to assemble this kit. Buyers are advised that due to skills of user is involved in assembly it is not guaranteed every kit will end up being a working device. But we will make as much efforts as we can to approach that goal.
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Operating voltage: DC 3.7V (one lithium battery, not includes)
Circuit board size: 105mm * 72mm

Package includes:

1 x D2-6 DIY Car Kit (batteries not included)