DC 12-36V 10A 300W ZVS Tesla Coil High Voltage Genrator Driver Board Discharge Flyback Module


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Input DC 12-36V (recommended 24V) can be supplied by switching power supply, lead-acid battery or lithium battery pack, or transformer can be supplied by rectifier and filter, and the filter capacitor is not less than 10000uF. Output high voltage DC, the voltage is about 800 times of the input voltage. The input of 12V can reach the power of 50-100W. The maximum input of 24V can reach more than 200W, so the current of power supply is best above 10A.

A flyback drive circuit, which is used to drive the ignition coil, as did the Zero Voltage Switching, masses of fans called them "ZVS circuit". Because of its big power, low heat, simple and reliable by fans are widely used in the drive spark gap tesla coil (SGTC) and Jacob, ladders, Marx generator, etc.


Power Supply Voltage: DC 12-36V
Operating Frequency: 30-50kHz
Secondary Parameter: 5T+5T
Arc Length: 1-5cm
Power Range: 60-300W
Size: 83 x 74 x 33mm

Package included:

1 x ZVS driver board with high voltage coil