DC 12V 315MHz Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter And Receiver


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DC 12V 315MHz 1 Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter And Receiver


Control board is compact, M4 status, that the relay is power on by the remote control, release the button to power off, usually used in access control systems.
Theoretical value of the remote control is about 100 meters, the actual use is about 10-30 meters, more open environment without interference effects will be better, the above data for reference only.


Wireless digital identification technology, each switch has independently password, do not interfere with each other.
Wireless RF remote control, no direction, the signal can pass through walls.
No need wiring, can saving wire costs, saving time and effort.
Provide passive switch: NO is normally open port, COM is common port, equivalent to on and off, and when the relay is energized, NO and COM connected.

Remote control:

Working voltage: DC 12V
Frequency: 315MHz
Encoding type: Fixed code
Firing range: 100 meter (the actual use is about 10-30 meters)
Size:  63  x 39 x 11.5mm
Shock resistance: 4.7M

Control switch:

Operating voltage: DC 12V
Operating frequency: 315MHz
Receiver sensitivity: <-105dB
Encoding type: Fixed code, welding code to achieve the pairing (oscillation resistance is 820K)
Size: 32 x 32 x 16.5mm
Tpye: Inching

Package included:

1 x Wireless Transmitter + Receiver