DC 12V/5V MP3 Decode Board LED USB AUX FM Bluetooth Radio Amplifier With Remote


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Stereo Bluetooth 12V/5V lossless WAV music decoder, WMA / MP3 / FM speaker panel modules, support breakpoint memory


1. Support USB, SD, support for external signal directly switch
2. Support for stereo Bluetooth (Bluetooth3.0EDR)
3. Support USB / SD / Bluetooth / FM / LINE switch automatically.
4. Support MP3 / WMA / WAV lossless songs.
5. Support USB / SD card switch, switch songs song selection
6. Support Bluetoot the song, the next song, adjust volume, EQ, play / pause, mute, shut down.
7. Support FAT16, FAT32 file system.
8. Support MP1 Layer3, MP2 Layer3, MP3 Layer3 version of the song.
9. Support 32-320kbps of MP3 songs.
10. Support power and memory function, continue playing the song played before the power and volume.
11. Support cycle mode
12. Power supply: DC 12V: 7-12V, DC5V: 3.7-5V
13. Panel dimensions: 92 * 35 * 40mm

How to connect:

Connection: 2P circuit board electrically connected to 12V (GND Ground, + 12V positive);
FM: ANT FM radio antenna connected to the welding hole;
The audio output: 5P row seat then press the icon audio output R / L / GND; and your amplifier board R / L / GND pair are connected. Or connected to the AUX input jack
The audio input (AUX): 3P-row seat according to the illustrated audio inputs L-IN / GND / R-IN


Can not connect two power supply in the same time (5V / 12V choose one)

Package included:

1 x Decoding panel
1 x Remote control