DC 3-36V 15A Peak 30A PWM DC Dual Channel Motor Driver Board High Power H Bridge Control Module


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Rated voltage: DC 3V~36V
Rated current: 15A
Peak current: 30A
Size: 108 x 58mm

Motor forward: DIR = 1 PWM = PWM
Motor reverse: DIR = 0 PWM = PWM
Parking brake: DIR = X PWM = 0 (X is any state)

Connnection: POWER connects with power positive; GND connects with power negative; 2 motors respectively connect with MOTOR 1,MOTOR 2.
Applications: for DC motor control circuit


The drive uses the full two half-bridge driver chip + low resistance N-channel MOSFET components. Complete two half-bridge driver chip reliable drive mode, the MOSFET switching losses to a minimum. Improve power utilization. MOSFET driver chip comes with hardware brake function and power feedback.

N-channel MOSFET IRF3205 MOSFET, use two dedicated half-bridge driver chip on the top tube using the bootstrap capacitor, so that the tube has enough drive voltage of the MOSFET channel can be opened quickly, improve motor acceleration curvature, but also quickly for the motor brake. This allows the trolley can quickly start can quickly kill the car.

The driver can operate at 0% -99% of the duty cycle of the PWM modulation, the motor drive voltage can be obtained sufficiently.

Package included:

1 x DC dual channel motor driver board