DC 5-12V Adjustable Delay Timer Switch NE555 Relay Shield Module


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The power indicator LED and switch trigger timing indication LEDs
Time delay can be adjusted, ( 0-120 seconds)
For applications of Vehicle equipment-delay to prevent car ignition, prevention of high sudden current to burn components and devices
Size: 40 x 20mm
Working voltage: 5-12V


1. After power-on, when there is an external trigger signal, the module began to delay, and output signal, after the delay time reach, the signal output finish.
2. The delay time is adjustable, the default delivery is 0-120 seconds.
4. LED indicator light indicates the output level
5. Can be connected to relay or other modules, to achieve control of high current working condition
6. with input power indicator
7. Onboard test button, can be used as a trigger button
8. Input:
VCC: 5-12V
GND: ground
IN: Trigger: active high level (trigger voltage 5-12V and power supply common ground)
9. Output:
OUT: 5-12V output signal (The output voltage is related to the input voltage), when not triggered the output is low, when triggered into a high level, after the end of the delay to a low level.
GND: ground

Package included:

1 x Adjustable NE555 module