DC 5V 1A Voice Playback Module Board MP3 Voice Prompts Voice Broadcast Device For Arduino


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Power supply: DC 5V 1A
Trigger port: 9
Trigger music: 9 songs by Directly, 31 songs by MCU
Speaker parameters: 0-2W, 4-8 ohms (adjustable volume)
Maximum memory support: 16G
Support playback format: MP3, WAV
Trigger level: Low level trigger, the indicator flashes three times after power
Sampling rate: 8,11.025,12,16,22.05,24,32,44.1,48KHz
Fully supports FAT16 / FAT32 file system

BY: get a flat output when playing, not playing the default low
CN1: Play second song
5V: 5V positive power supply
GND: 5V power supply negative

We update a new version now, new version special function:

Speaker connector and loudspeaker port at the same time there is only one output port
(For example, insert the speaker interface when the loudspeaker is playing, the loudspeaker will stops playing, and the speaker normal plays)

T joints function:

1. Default unsoldering T joints: Playback mode, not single cycle mode (ie, triggers once and plays once, then stops)
2. After soldering T joints: Power on, play background music 010.mp3 file, if not trigger other ports will loop, if trigger other ports of one of A1 – A9 port, then the background music will stops playing and at the same time play music is triggered, after waiting for the music play, will re-play background music.

Please change the name of folder:

1. How to name the folder: Memory card create a folder named "01"
2. MP3 names begin with 001-009 named, for example, the first song can be named: 001.mp3 or 001xxx-xx.mp3 or 001xxx.mp3. Second song named: 002.mp3 or 002xxx.mp3

Package included:

1 x Voice playback module