DC 5V 9V 12 24V 4 Channel Bluetooth Relay Android Mobile Wireless Remote Control Switch


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Dual power supply (two power supply can not be supplied at the same time): power 1, DC 6.5-25V; power 2, DC 5V
12V standby current (all relay closes) 13MA, 1 road relay "open" 44MA, 2 way relay "open" 76MA, 3 road relay "open" 109MA, 4 relay "open" 140MA
Send instructions and disconnect through Bluetooth APP control relay (we provide Bluetooth APP, you can also use your own APP to control relays, send simple instructions to control)
Click on the self locking interlock relay, "turn on", relay "shut down" 5 instructions.
4 photoelectric isolation input channel, you can manually control the relay.
You can modify the name and connection password of the Bluetooth through the AT command.
Size: 80*67*19mm
Weight: about 73 grams
Communication mode: 2.1 Bluetooth
Communication distance: 6-10 meters (depending on actual environment)
Control mode: Mobile Bluetooth wireless remote control relay switch.
Control port: 4 switches with normally open and normally closed functions.
Control voltage: AC 85-265V 10A, DC 1-110V 10A
Bluetooth password: 1234
Information Download Address: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6QANR8
Package Included:

1 x 4 Channel Bluetooth Relay Module