DC 8-80V 50A High Precision LiFePO / Lithium / Lead Acid Battery Tester Coulomb Counter



1. The empty and full voltage of battery can be adjusted
2. The backlight automatic open when using
3. Automatic memory function when power down
4. Fast response rate
5. Low power consumption, automatic wake-up


Operating voltage range: DC8-80V
Current: 50A
Overall Size: 66x40x10mm
Display area size: 32x23mm
External normal Sampler Size:23x18x5mm

Technical Parameters:

Working power consumption: 8.0mA (Max:10.0mA)
Standby power consumption: 0.5mA (Max:0.8mA)
Sleep power consumption: 50uA (Max:60uA)
Voltage acquisition accuracy: +/-1.0%
Current acquisition accuracy: +/-1.0%
Using ambient temperature rang: 0-35C
Backlight on current: 40mA (Max:50mA)
Backlight off current: 30mA (Max: 40mA)
Battery capacity setting value: 0.-590Ah
Built-in sampler working current: 5.0a (Max:10.0A instant)
External normal sampler working current:30.0A (Max:50A)
External big sampler working current:50.0A (Max:100A)


1. Residual capacity of battery (Ah or mAh)
2. Capacity percentage and totem pole display
3. Battery voltage
4. Battery current
5. Power output
6. Remaining time of charge and discharge


The minimum voltage of the battery pack should higher than the min working voltage of the coulometer.

Package included:

1 x 50A Battery Tester
1 x Shielded Wire (1 meter)