DC 9-60V 20A PWM Motor Stepless Variable Speed Controller Speed Regulator Switch Control 25KHz


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Input supply voltage: DC 9V-60V
Max current: 20A
Sustained current: 18A
PWM frequency: 25 KHz
Adjustable speed range: 0%-100%
Speed adjustment way: Potentiometer
Output voltage: Linear under load
Speed control type: Basins
Wiring: Black / Green (Negative), Red / Blue (Positive)
Suitable for the DC motor (or DC load) within 20A
It with metal shell and connective label,very easy to install and use.
Potentiometer with adjust speed swtich function,and button swtich function
Size: Approx. 92 x 53 x 35mm / 3.62 x 2.09 x 1.38"

Operating instruction:

Before you attempting to wire the controller, make sure power is off.

1.Connect wires refer to the "wiring diagram"
2.Turn on the power
3.Adjust the potentiometer


Do not reverse postive and negative power loads.This will damage the controller
Do not change motor direction, interchange the positive and negative wires of motor.

Connection mode:

Red wire: Power +
Black wire: Power –
Blue wire: Motor +
Green wire: Motor –

Package included:

1 x DC motor speed controller