DC-DC 2 In 1 6.5V-40V To 5V Buck Step Down Power Module Volt Meterr Automatic Calibration


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1. Ultra wide voltmeter range: DC 4.5-40V
2. 5V / 2A output current capacity (when the input voltage is at 6.5~40V,  can stabilize to output 5.0V voltage)
3. One key ("output enable" button) switch USB output, one key (“low powerbutton) into ultra-low power consumption
4. Voltmeter can be self calibration, there will never be inaccurate voltmeter problems!!
5. Reverse connection protection, reverse connect not burning
6. With over-current and over-temperature protection
7. With USB power indicator
8. With wiring terminals, easy access to the line
9. High efficiency and low ripple
Module instructions:
After power module can be real-time detection of voltage, when you need to charge for mobile phone, Ipad, MP3 and other digital products, touch the "output enable" button, the USB power indicator lights, USB output 5.0V voltage; when you need to close the digital tube, touch the "low power" button, then the module into the ultra-low power standby mode, USB output is also shut down accordingly.
Module use:
Ultra wide input voltage, can be used for cars / battery vehicles / motorcycles, used to monitor the battery voltage, timely grasp the battery state, can be used for various voltage measurement purposes.
The output current capability of the 5.0V and 2A is sufficient to meet various USB devices, and the voltage is very stable.
Note: this module defaults to D+ D- short connection, compatible with most mobile phone charging, and set aside a variety of mobile phone to identify resistance position, if you need to join the resistance identification, please cut off the wire connection D+ D-.

Package included:

1 x DC-DC 2 in 1 6.5V-40V to 5V buck step down power module