DC Meter LCD Digital Dual Display Voltage Current RS485 Voltmeter Optional Modbus Protocol



Version Note:

Product name classification that can measure the maximum peak range, MODBUS version with RS485 communication interface, you can use the host computer software to collect data, but also with the PLC, DCS, intelligent instruments and other equipment to communicate! In addition, other functions are the same!

Measurement instructions:

Measurement voltage can be set to independent power supply and non-independent power supply mode, the module has a black jump cap, plug in means that using a non-independent power supply, unplug means using independent power supply! Wiring method is not the same, please check the wiring carefully! The wrong wiring leads to the burnout module is not responsible!
Non-independent power supply is the module supply voltage is the measured voltage (5-30V), independent power supply is the module power supply and the measured voltage is separated, then the module supply voltage 5-24V, the maximum voltage measured for the purchase of voltage value (standard 30V is 0-30V)

Optional type: (please choose the one you need)

10A30V Modbus
3A30V Modbus


Can measure the voltage, current, ambient temperature at the same time.
Voltage range: 0-30V
Current range: 0-10A / 0-3A (high current temperature exceeds 60 degrees please strengthen the cooling)
Temperature range: -10 to 100 degrees (accuracy 1%)
Accuracy: ±1% (the greater the voltage and current range, the corresponding reduction in accuracy)
Support standard Modbus RTU protocol, communication mode RS485 (Optional function)
Voltage and temperature for the switch display (through the button to set the temperature display mode: under power down situation, press and hold the button for three seconds and then release button, you can re-power to switch, only show the voltage mode or switch display voltage and temperature)
With the agreement function can be set to 1-255 device address, set by the host computer software (this functions is optional);
Product size: 47.8 x 28.8 x 30mm
Installation hole: 45 * 25.5mm
Weight: 24g

Interface description:

Marked A, B terminals are the RS485 interface for Modbus communication
GND: voltage negative
IIN: measured current load of the negative
VCC: when using non-independent power supply, the measured power is positive, when using independent power supply for the module power supply positive
VIN: independent measured voltage is positive, the load is positive.

Modbus test description: (Optional function)

1. Connect the hardware

1) Connected to the RS485 serial port, A connected A, B connected B, connected to the measured voltage.

2. Software settings:

1) In the "communication settings" set the serial port number, open the serial port.
2) Set the module address in the "Analog acquisition" item (the default address is "1", you can change the module address in the "Module address change" item if the module address is not clear)
3) In the "analog acquisition" click on the "acquisition" command on it.
If display "communication error" please confirm the RS485 interface A, B-side is not reversed.

Package includes:

1 x DC Meter